Hi, my name is Nora and I have been grooming here in Granada hills for about 3 years now. I went Art Center College of Design for design which gives me an eye about the balance of a dog.  When I realized I wanted to groom dogs I completed a private course for grooming with a private mentor. Ultimately  though I realized that you just have to learn by doing. And, you have to love it - which I do!
     I have been grooming at this location since getting certified in September 2010. 
I do my best to make the dogs feel at home, and if you ask around the neighborhood, I think most people will tell you that their dogs really enjoy coming in. Some even lead their people down walkway! Unless there is a reason, I don't cage the dogs. They think they are coming in for playtime, and that the grooming process is just a temporary setback. So, basically, they get the run of the place.
     I am open varied hours just depending on what you want. I do vary my closing time. If it is a slow day and nothing is scheduled, you may find the shop closed by 3:00. It is best to call for an appointment - you can usually get one sometime that day, or within two or three days.

     I do have a small selection of dog clothing and treats and vitamin products. And hopefully soon, I will be adding new products to my inventory. 

     As far as the actual grooming goes, I try to do exactly what you want whether it's a standard breed clip, a short all over cut, or full coated.  As long as your dog isn't matted, I can keep him/her at a long length. If your dog is matted, I do my best to work through them. But, if it starts to look as though it is really bothering your dog, I will stop and take the coat down short. I don't shave dogs down - I really do make an effort to keep them longer rather than bald!

     If you have any questions, please call! I love to meet new people and their pets!


About Nora