Full Groom:

Trimming nails, cleaning pads, plucking/cleaning ears, sanitary trim, brush, wash, anal retraction, blow out, cut and hand scizzor are included with all full grooms.

Generally grooming should be performed every 5-6 weeks unless your dog gets matted easily.

Grooming fee is dependent on the breed and how much involvement is required to groom him/her.

Call for breed specific prices.

Nail trim $10 Ear cleaning $5

Anal glands $12 Teeth brushing $8-10

Ear hair removal $12 Pads trimmed $10

The cost of a full groom really depends on the dog's breed and size. Generally a Shih-tzu runs $50 and a Maltese $55. Golden Retriever's can run $65-85. To give you an accurate price please bring in your dog. 

**Grooming coupon available for $5 off available to new customers!

    If for any reason you are dis-satisfied with our grooming services please let us know so that we can fix what you don't like or we can do better next time. We want all of our clients to be happy and to leave the shop with a positive feeling.